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Wildly Good Cook Certificate Program

Online October 2014! Take the Harvest Challenge to become a certified Wildly Good Cook!

Learn to cook delicious, seasonal food from scratch for $5 a day per person or less! Romp through the book Wildly Affordable Organic with these four courses and get your signed certificate as a Wildly Good Cook!

You can become a certified Wildly Good Cook!

two Wildly Good Cook teachers dish up Tahini Green-Beany Bredie for a class of future Wildly Good Cooks at Meredith College

Here two Meredith nutrition students and Wildly Good Cook teachers, Ashley Bradshaw and Rebecca Holmes, dish up Tahini Green-Beany Bredie for their own Wildly Good Cook students. They and the video got rave reviews!

Each fun video was filmed before a live audience in the Meredith College cooking lab in Raleigh. The videos are enhanced with extra images, some subtitles to help you catch the recipe quantities, and more. You'll also get a link to an ebooklet for each with more recipes and tips. In some ways the videos are even better than a live class: start and stop them when you like or use the menu to skip to a recipe when you want to try it yourself.

proud cooking class certificate graduate with thrilled Linda Watson of Cook for Good

You can become a Wildly Good Cook teacher!

Wildly Good Cook teachers:

  • Show the Wildly Good Cook videos
  • Do live cooking demonstrations
  • Lead targeted discussions that match the interest of the participants

Wildly Good Cook cooking demonstration for Meredith College Wellness Program.


Q: What good is the certificate?

A: While I'd like to be able to say that the Wildly Good Cook certificate will help get you through airport security or make your bread rise without fail, it's true purpose is to amuse and honor people who take the series. It will be suitable for framing and signed by me and the local coordinator. We hope you'll put it in a gorgeous frame and hang it in your kitchen or other favorite spot. Feel free to cite it if anyone dares challenge your cooking acumen: "Sir, I'll have you know that I am a certified Wildly Good Cook!"

Q: Do you teach live classes?

A: Yes, but on other topics. See my other classes and talks. I'm also open to tailoring a talk for your group. Just fill out an event-request form to get started.