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Learn to cook delicious, seasonal, mostly organic food from scratch for $5 a day per person or less! Use conventionally grown food and pay even less, about $3.21 a day. Romp through the book Wildly Affordable Organic with these four courses. These videos feature author Linda Watson, filmed live at Meredith College. Enjoy close-up images, subtitles with recipe amounts, and tight editing so you get 90-minute classes in just an hour. Take just one class or get the big picture by taking them all. 

video cooking class on how to get organized and saving money with organic food with shopping, cooking, and storing tips video cooking class on how to cook beans for health and thrift for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores video cooking class how to cook healthy seasonal vegetables and pasta with healthy sauces cooking class video on how to cook healthy, thrifty food in 20 minutes a day


Get the videos for only $14.95 each (click on the covers below.)

Wildly Good 100% One-Year Guarantee!Wildly Affordable Organic cooking class videoeach DVD is white with a color logo in a black case

If you get a video and don't love it, mail it back to me with your receipt within a year for a 100% refund of your purchase price.

The classes fit together nicely, so you won't have to worry about taking classes with boring overlaps or puzzling gaps. Each class can also stand on its own as well. Save on shipping by ordering more than one.

Other ways to get the videos:

  • Order videos through Amazon (free Prime shipping available)
  • Drop by Quail Ridge Books & Music in Raleigh or call them for mail order. Quail Ridge Books also sells signed copies of my books and offers free shipping for orders over $25.


Wildly Good Cook class 1 ($14.95)

Best Use of Your Resources: Shopping, Planning, and Cooking

Live cooking demonstrations featuring Linda Watson, author of the best-selling book Wildly Affordable Organic:

  • Start your morning with Better Blueberry Pancakes—and learn how to reduce your salt intake
  • Feel like a domestic goddess – or god! – when you welcome guests with hot, homemade Garlic Flatbread

Mark Bittman, New York Times, on the Cook for Good project:

A compelling set of instructions for how to shop and cook inexpensively enough to live on food stamps.

Transform your cooking style!

  • Buy local and green, even on a budget
  • Shop like a pro at your farmers’ market
  • Learn where to scrimp or splurge at the grocery store
  • Feed your freezer to lock in savings
  • Get organized and make time your friend in the kitchen

Features: bonus Scrimp & Splurge menu, link to online ebooklet with more recipes and plant-strong variations.

Viewers learn real-life skills: I learned which items to scrimp on at the grocery store. Donna K.  Make bread dough once, cook twice--love it! Marilyn J. Will use lemon zest to reduce salt -- Linda H. I definitely kept these tips in my mind while shopping for produce this week. Charlotte C. Made the stew for the family; they loved it! Denise P.

Wildly Good Cook class 2: Delicious, Thrifty, Healthy Beans ($14.95)

Live cooking demonstrations:

  • Bean salad with fresh corn, peppers, and tomatoes
  • Chickpea stew
  • Hummus

John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, on Wildly Affordable Organic:

This is the book I’ve been waiting for!

Be good to your budget, your waistline, and your wallet with scrumptious, high-protein, low-fat legumes. Learn about:

  • The best organic bargain: under 20 cents a serving
  • Beans for healthy babies
  • Not always a gas!
  • Sorting and cleaning: dirt, twigs, and mummy beans
  • Why to soak and how long to cook
  • The deadly bean
  • Freezing beans and how to suck

Features: bonus Highlights menu, link to online ebooklet with more recipes and plant-powered variations.

Viewers are inspired to cook more beans: I cooked the red lentil/ spring onion stew over the weekend and my family loved it. Pat C.  Learned I should use more beans! Denise D. Learned to add mustard to oil in dressing so it will not separate. Denise P. Will try to start using fresh beans instead of canned. Linda H. Learned to wait to put acids in last. Marilyn J.

Wildly Good Cook class 3: Seasonal Vegetables and Saucy Pasta

Live cooking demonstrations:

  • Cooking noodles in very little water
  • Southern Summer Pesto
  • Persian Pasta Sauce

Dina Aronson, Today’s Dietitian:

I’d recommend this book to both nutrition professionals and anyone looking to simplify, save money, shrink their carbon footprint, and incorporate more plant foods in delicious ways.

Eat with the seasons for value and flavor!

  • Free food: Broth and Stoup
  • Double the value of greens
  • Enjoy asparagus on a budget
  • Better than the stock market: buy and freeze peppers
  • Cook once, enjoy twice
  • Seasonal green and red sauces
  • Unexpected bargains in the grocery store

Features: bonus Recipes and Highlights menus, link to online ebooklet with more recipes and plant-powered variations.

Viewer shop and eat better: Use your farmers' market frequently for taste, value. Be aware of the season. Kaye R. Learned about cooking with asparagus. Donna L. I'm using more seasonal fruits and veggies. Marilyn J. Will start using broth jar. Pat C.

Wildly Good Cook class 4: Cook for Good in 20 Minutes a Day

Live cooking demonstrations featuring Linda Watson, author of the best-selling book Wildly Affordable Organic:

  • Ginger-Glazed Carrot Cake
  • Cinnamon Cashew Cream

Prevention Magazine on Wildly Affordable Organic

The barriers to cooking organic—hefty price tags, hours over a stove—vanish

Seize control of your budget and your health. You can cook about 60% of your food from scratch in less time than it takes to watch a rerun of Friends!

  • Day 1: Healthy desserts
  • Day 2: Cook once, enjoy twice
  • Day 3: Hydration day
  • Day 4: Time is your friend
  • Day 5: Oven momentum
  • Day 6: Seasonal variety
  • Day 7: Portion control

Features: link to online ebooklet with more recipes and plant-powered variations, including a cooking flowchart!

Viewers simplified their cooking lives! Loved this class, thank you! Would recommend to others in a moment. Charlotte C. Learned to cook a big pot of veggies for the week, save the cooking water to use in other recipes. Linda H. Learned you can eat for a lot less and eat well! Marilyn J. Can't wait to try some of the 20 minute tricks! Donna K.

Get all four videos today!

Kunaki, the distributor, keeps its prices down by not offering a guarantee. But I'm so sure you will enjoy these videos and that they will make your life easier and more delicious that I'm offering a 100% guarantee for a year. If you don't save money and eat better in a year, just mail me the videos and your receipt to P.O. Box 33624, Raleigh NC 27636 for a full refund on your purchase price. 

People say the videos are fun and make their lives better!

free shipping

Multi-view set for organizations, libraries, businesses, and groups.

Get all four videos plus a reference copy of the book Wildly Affordable Organic. Choose the regular version with menus or the autoplay version to entertain and inform your clients while they wait! Perfect for doctors' and dentists' offices, lunch rooms, social-service offices, food banks, and more.

Comes with a permit authorizing you to show the videos for non-personal use. You'll also be among the first to know about our new videos specifically made for brief, drop-by viewing. These new videos will have short segments on core shopping, cooking, and safe food storage skills plus fun recipes to inspire your clients.



What do you think? If you've seen one or more of the videos, share what you learned and your other comments below. Thanks!


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