Mexican Grilled Peach Sorbet
Jul 6, 2011
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Less is more with this high-flavor, low-fat peach sorbet. It's a fully adult confection, with the mysterious heat of the chipotle providing high contrast to the chilled, grilled peaches. Cinnamon adds another layer of sophistication, making Mexican Grilled Peach Sorbet a light yet robust finish for a gourmet dinner. You can do most of the preparation the day before and even make the actual transformation into sorbet part of the entertainment.

Active time: 20 minutes. Total time: four to twenty-four hours. Serves four. Doubles well.


1 cups water
1/2 cup sugar
about 2 pounds of ripe peaches, yielding 2 cups of pieces
1 to 2 teaspoons corn or canola oil
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon chipotle


  1. As needed, prepare your ice cream maker for making ice cream. I keep the freezer cylinder of mine in the freezer so it's always ready to go.
  2. Make simple syrup by bringing water and sugar to a boil in a small pan over high heat and simmering until sugar is completely dissolved. Remove from heat.
  3. Cut peaches in half, remove pits, and rub with oil. Cut along the peach's ridge line to line up with the pit for easy removal. Pry out reluctant pits by putting the tip of a spoon or table knife under the pointed tips and lifting gently.
  4. Heat grill to medium. Grill peaches cut side down for about 2 minutes, flip, and grill for another two to three minutes until skin loosens when probed with a fork.
  5. Remove peaches from grill and allow to cool slightly. Slide off skin using two forks or your fingers.
  6. Blend all ingredients in a food process or blender until smooth. Refrigerate, covered, for at least four hours. 
  7. Pour peach mixture into the ice cream maker and process according to the manufacturer's directions. This sorbet freezes much more quickly than ice cream.

  8. Serve at once or allow to harden slightly in the freezer. Unlike ice cream, sorbet will freeze nearly as solid as ice. Best eaten fresh. Freeze any extra peach sorbet in single-serving containers, then thaw for about 20 minutes before serving.

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