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Vegan for Life, for vegans and other health-conscious eaters

vegan for life book cover -- current prize in giveawayThe subtitle says it all: Everything you need to know to be healthy and fit on a plant-based diet. Registered dietitians Jack Norris and Virginia Messina serve up an easy-to-read guide that helps you thrive on the healthiest diet around.

And when I say you, I mean pretty much everyone. Find helpful chapters for athletes, children and teens, pregnant and nursing women, and folks over fifty. There's even a chapter on making the transition even if your transition takes you no further than Meatless Mondays.

The chapters on nutrition earn Vegan for Life a place among my regular reference books. Learn about how and why to get iron, zinc, calcium, and what Norris and Messina call "the gorilla in the room": vitamin B12.

The authors set out to bust ten myths about vegan diets, from "vegans need less calcium" to "plant proteins are missing essential amino acids." Their brisk writing keeps these topics fun. I laughed out loud over passages like this:

According to the American Dietitic Assoication, vegan diets are safe for all stages of the life cycle as long as they are well planned. The "well-planned" caveat has been a source of annoyance among vegan dietitians for nearly two decades. Any diet, vegan or not, has to be well-planned.

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