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Builders of Hope: A Social Entrepreneur's Solution for Rebuilding America

This inspirational story is not about food, but it's certainly about a key Cook for Good concept: you bought it, so use it! Put a smile on your face with this brilliant story of how one woman started a movement to turn tear-down houses into green, affordable homes. Nancy Welsh creates jobs, builds communities, and helps save the planet, too.

Builders of Hope: A Social Entrepreneur's Solution for Rebuilding America was my recommendation this year for our neighborhood book club—that's how much I love it. The story inspiring and the writing is graceful and moving. You may already be familiar with its author, Wanda Urbanska, who wrote Simple Living: One Couple's Search for a Better Life and many other books on voluntary simplicity.

If you've ever been involved in a renovation, are trying to get a good project off the ground, or are just looking for a true tale of good people succeeding at good work, you will love this book. Great too for environmentalists, city planners, and people interested in social justice or strong role models.

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