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2011 State of the World: Innovations that Nourish the Planet

cover of current free book for giveawayFeeling discouraged about the state of the world? Then feed your spirit with this inspiring report from the Worldwatch Institute. Learn about breeding more nutritious rice in Madagascar and rainwater harvesting in sub-Saharan Africa. Learn how food waste can be reduced in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Indian through simple means. For example, provide reusable plastic crates to transport food so it doesn't become mush on the way to the market. Help farmers keep their fruit edible longer by showing them when to pick and where on the stem to cut to help fruit. Other topics range from soil fertility to policy reform.

Reading Innovations that Nourish the Planet is like attending a top-level conference. Chapters are written by different authors, with many sidebars adding additional viewpoints. The researchers weave their acute observations with friendly story telling, making this book useful for students from junior high up as well as a good read for adults.

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