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Hurricane or power outage coming your way? See my healthy menu for a week without power plus prep tips.

Get Started

How do you start to Cook for Good? How much time to you have?

  • No time. Next time you buy groceries, buy sturdy, organic produce that's in season. Buy locally grown food if you can. It doesn't take any extra time to buy good ingredients.
  • 5 minutes. Brew a pot of tea using tap water. Drink water or home-brewed tea instead of bottled beverages.
  • 10 minutes. Cook a pot of beans in your slow cooker. Two pounds of beans makes about 20 servings of low-fat, high-protein organic deliciousness for about 18 cents a serving.
  • 20 minutes today. Pick a day in the 20 Minutes Starter Plan. If you do this every day, you can make about 60% of your meals from scratch using healthy ingredients.
  • 20 minutes over two days. Make two loaves of no-knead bread.
  • 1 hour. Go to your farmers market and buy local produce in season.
  • 5 hours over two days. Bingo! You can do the whole Wildly Affordable Organic plan, making most of your food for the week from scratch.