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Some people ask about the variety in the Cook for Good menu plan, as if vegetables, beans, pasta, and pizza cooked a variety of ways is any less interesting than meat cooked a variety of ways. I tried to create a lot of variety by working with the timing and presentation of basic dishes.

And the monthly menu plan for Cook for Good changes with the seasons. Indulge in strawberries and asparagus in the spring, because you won't be seeing them the rest of the year. in the summer you'll be eating peaches, blueberries, and tomatoes. In the fall and winter, find warmth in winter squash, greens, root vegetables, and apples.

It's true that the Cook for Good plan, even with seasonal variation, can’t compare to international dazzle you can find at a food court or the choices at a mix of fine restaurants. But it’s also a lot more variety than my former neighbor ever got, whose only (yes only) vegetable for his entire adult life was home-canned butter beans. Wade just wouldn't eat anything else. Many families when I was growing up had seven-day meal plans. Does anyone here remember “Meat Loaf Thursdays”? Maybe these days it’s “Taco Thursdays”!