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Eat Vegetables and other Plants to Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

Eating plants instead of animals is a powerful way to slow climate change that's open to everyone.  We don't need to wait for the government or big business to change. We don't need to buy a Prius or even a light bulb to start healing the Earth. More people are asking how to stop climate change, but going vegetarian or vegan even part of the time is rarely mentioned at events like the 2017 Climate March. Ironically, advocating for animals would help many organizations succeed in their core missions.

Only You Can Eat Plants Not Animals sign at climate march 2017

Impact of Raising Animals for Food

Animal agriculture accounts for 14.5% of the greenhouse gases produced every year. Only transportation has more impact. Avoiding beef and dairy products is particularly important because ...

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New US Dietary Guidelines miss chance to reduce disease, climate change

Good news: the new dietary guidelines include vegetarian and vegan diets and suggest reducing protein, cholesterol, and sugar. Bad news: it says vegans eat eggs, ignores protein in vegetables, thinks drinking white liquid is important, obscures its recommendations on eating less bad food, and drops the recommendation for environmentally responsible eating. The final 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines published this week reflect massive lobbying efforts by Big Ag and the junk-food industry. We've lost a valuable way to reduce disease and slow climate change.

The earlier Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (advisory report) provided more clear and direct ways to eat healthy diets, although it still was "bizarre" in recommending more dairy. Thanks to Dr. Neal Barnard and the Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine for causing the USDA to strengthen cholesterol warnings in the guidelines despite "a money trail from the American Egg Board to universities where DGAC members were employed and persistent industry pressure to weaken cholesterol limits."

Read on for details and recommendations about what you can do.

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Dietary Guidelines report brave on less meat, "bizarre" on more dairy, says top nutritionist

Walter Willett, MD, DrPH, provided a shocking end to the webcast Wednesday about the science behind the proposed new U.S. Dietary Guidelines report, calling the origin of a key recommendation "bizarre" and highlighting its negative consequences for health and the environment. His comments are so important and well-phrased that ...

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Wildly Affordable Cyber Monday Special

Celebrate the release of the new Wildly Good Cook video with this unbeatable Cyber Monday Special! Here's a preview:

The Cyber Monday special is over, but you can still get the new Wildly Good Cook videos.

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Stress-Free Thanksgiving with Picky and Special-Needs Eaters

The holidays bring together people who don't often eat together and often are following different dining traditions.  How can you get along without working yourself to a frazzle?

Check out the slideshow below for holiday recipes that are all plant based and gluten-free. Also read below to learn some very easy ways to delight visitors who want or need food different from what you usually serve, including vegans, vegetarians, and folks on gluten-free diets. [Update: optivore is the new term I coined in Fifty Weeks of Green, to describe people who try to make something better by the way they eat. Viva la optivore!]

Click on the pictures to go to the recipes or on the numbered pages below to pause it or skip around. 

Seven steps to a welcoming holiday meal

  1. Relax. You probably eat more like they do than you imagine.

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