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Netflix Movie Okja

Like Wonder Woman, the new Netflix movie Okja starts in a tropical paradise full of love and isolated from the cruelties of the outside world. In both, a young heroine leaves to confront evil and shows bravery, physical prowess, and compassion despite her innocence. But in Okja, the heroine doesn't have superpowers or warrior training. She's a teenaged farm girl who loves her close companion, the superpig Okja.

[Minor spoiler alert!] Alas, the Big Food conglomerate that owns Okja comes to take her away. After all, the superpig was bred to taste $%#&^ good. Watch the Okja preview clip here to get a feel for the beauty and horror of this riveting film.

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Recipe testing and movies about cooking

Fifty Weeks of Green cover by Linda Watson of Cook for GoodWhat a great start to a beautiful day! I tested the Good Baking Mix and Good Mix Biscuits for my new book, Fifty Weeks of Green, then dished up some of the Cantaloupe and Blackberry Salad that is also in the book. (Please mark your calendar for my book event at Quail Ridge Books & Music in Raleigh on Friday, June 21st at 7:30 p.m. I'll bring samples!)

I took my plate out to the screened porch with the Independent Weekly, one of my favorites sources of political and entertainment news. What luck, it features an excellent piece by David A. Ross on culinary movies, which starts:

An art museum is a gastronomic space, ...

Filmmakers, by contrast, spent their USC years eating microwaved burritos. They couldn't care less what their shrink-wrappage contains unless there's a product-placement angle ...

David includes some of my favorite food movies in his list, including Babette's Feast, ...

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