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Healthy Hurricane Menu: A Week on Shelf-Stable or Canned Food

At least once a year, I stock up on healthy food to eat if a hurricane, ice storm or other disaster strikes. With Hurricane Irma heading my way on Tuesday, I refreshed my supplies of shelf-stable food to get my Taster and me through two weeks without power. (I either eat or donate any emergency food left over from the last season before it expires.) The picture below shows most of a week's worth of supplies (see below for a complete picture). We want to eat well and stay healthy by focusing on beans, other vegetables, fruit, nuts, and whole grains.

See the menus below to get ideas to stock your emergency pantry. All the food is plant-based, so vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores can all enjoy it. Most of it is organic too. Fortunately, more stores than ever carry a variety of healthy, organic food at reasonable prices. It's easier than ever to cook in a way that slows climate change and minimizes our risk of extreme weather.

one week of canned food to prepare for a hurricane or storm without electricity

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Preparing for a power outage and winter storm. Safe eating tips.

At any minute, I expect to lose electricity. The snow is drifting outside and coming down hard. Ice is on the way. Here's how I got ready for living without heat and electricity for several days. I hope this checklist can help you when a winter storm approaches. [Update: we only lost power for a few hours in 2014, but the first big storm of 2016, Jonas, is outside right now. I just packed the cooler shown below and am hoping for the best.]

cooler packed for winter storm

Plan for safety -- keep food out of the danger zone between 40˚ and 140˚F

  • Perishable food that's been in the danger zone for over four hours may cause food poisoning.
  • Put a day's worth of perishable food in a cooler

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