"How Not to Die" Spices It Up, October Challenge
Sep 15, 2017
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I'm devouring Dr. Greger's new book, How Not to Die. One of his themes is that you can pack phytonutrients into a meal by adding spices and healthy flavorings like vinegar. Your food tastes better and you may live a longer and healthier life. For example, my lunch today included cinnamon on baked butternut squash, balsamic vinegar on peas, and Spicy, Healthy Tomato Sauce with raisins, oregano, turmeric and red onions on whole grain pasta.

healthy meal with butternut squash with cinnamon, whole grain pasta with tomato sauce and spices, and peas with balsamic vinegar

Reading How Not to Die inspired me to switch from yellow onions to red onions. Of course, I had to use up half a yellow onion in the fridge. But as Dr. Greger writes:

Red onions have 76 percent more antioxidant capacity than white, with yellow onions in between. So, given the choice, why buy another white onion ever again?

red and white onions in a skillet

Between this lunch and my breakfast of peanut butter on whole-grain toast and a blueberry-banana-kale smoothie, I'm up to 43% on Dr. Gregor's Daily Dozen, which has 11 categories of food plus exercise. You can get the app to help you understand and monitor your intake for free on iTunes and as an Android app. This app is a great resource but quite basic. It doesn't dig down into the gems he offers in the book, such as vinegar helping to control blood-sugar spikes and improving artery function.

 screen shot of How Not to Die app

Wildly Healthy Challenge this October

Next week, watch for the details on my Wildly Healthy Challenge. I hope you'll join me in trying Dr. Greger's approach for 28 days, from October 1st to 28th. Let's see how healthy we get and how affordable healthy can be. I can already tell you the food is delicious and not a big change from the Cook for Good style.

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