Feeding the Hungry in Your Community
Sep 1, 2017
Linda Watson in Love Wins Mininstry, Vegans for Peace, engaged cooking, feeding the hungry, make a difference

When you get the blues from the news or troubles in your own life, consider feeding the hungry in your community. You'll make a real difference in the world by helping people solve their most urgent problem, at least for a few hours. If you think about the big picture, you could make a bigger difference.

At least, that's what I felt when I joined other Vegans for Peace serving lunch for about 50 people at the Love Wins Community Engagement Center in Raleigh. The center works with "the homeless and at-risk community, providing food, shelter, clothing, etc. as able from a place of love and non-judgment." The center's website says:

We believe that homelessness is, at its core, a relationship issue. People who have deep, intimate relationships and a broad spectrum of social contacts don’t end up chronically homeless. The opposite of homelessness isn’t being housed, it is community. We think relationships have the power to change a life, and ultimately, the world. If we want to change the world, we have to do it together.

Clearly the folks at Love Wins see the big picture!

The Vegans for Peace do too.

Because the Love Wins Center is about relationships, they asked us to make plates for ourselves after all the participants had gone through the line and then eat with them. The folks at my table told funny jokes and shared news about companies that were hiring. Afterwards, some of the participants stayed to help us clean up. I'm looking forward to joining the Vegans for Peace when we do this again in October.

Have you ever volunteered for an event like this? What did you love or learn? Please log in and share in the comments below.

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