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The Power of Cooking with LOVE

After the first week of my first Food-Stamp Challenge, I discovered that thrifty cooking had many benefits besides just saving money. I discovered the power of cooking with LOVE: Local Organic Vegetables and Engaged. Even on $5 a day, I could afford the healthy, organic meals I wanted if I focused on:

  • Local, seasonal ingredients
  • Vegetables and other plants, including fruit, whole grains, and nuts
  • Engaged and mindful cooking that reduced food waste

Local Organic Vegetables Engaged heart

My husband loves that I cook fresh food and bake from scratch. We easily reached healthy weights and found our spending lined up better with our values. Since 2007, I’ve tried many variations of budget challenges. Inflation has taken a toll, but the savings and core lessons are more important than ever. You can make a difference if you cook with LOVE.

Let the "V" Work for You

The V in LOVE can stand for Vegetables, Vegetarian, or Vegan depending on where you are on any given day. Adopting a plant-based diet was a process for me, as it is for many people. Everyone is welcome on this friendly site, including vegetable-curious omniVores. All recipes are 100% plant-powered, so everyone can enjoy them.

All about LOVE: the New Newsletter and Website

Starting today, the free Cook for Good newsletter will come out every Friday for 52 scrumptious, top-quality editions. I'm developing new recipes and menus, updating my best content, and filling in any gaps to help you save money, eat well, and make a difference. Every month, the theme will rotate through the topics of Local, Organic, Vegetables, and Engaged. Four times a year, you'll get ideas and special recipes for seasonal celebrations. You can subscribe at any time and still get all 52 issues, reshuffled as needed to line up with the seasons. If this seems like too much email, get the digest just 6 times a year instead.

Coming soon, the updated Cook for Good website will be more beautiful, easier to read on a phone or tablet, and easier to comment on, with no special Cook for Good ID and password to remember. Look for new videos, online classes, and challenges. Cook for Good supporting members will have special access and customized content too.

I hope these changes help make the best use of your time and resources, inspiring you to cook like it matters.

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