Two-Part Resolutions for Healthy Eating that Work
Dec 30, 2016
Linda Watson in make a difference, new year's day, plastic, resolutions

Last year, I made a New Year's resolution that I actually kept. My resolution worked for me because it combined an aspiration (why) with practical steps (how). The aspiration provided the inspiration and motivation and the practical steps let me actually do something about it.

My Resolution: Use Less Plastic

Why use less plastic

How to use less plastic

Thinking about the why makes me willing to put up with the inconvenience of avoiding plastic. When I don't feel like washing out a plastic bag or whipping out a bamboo fork where everyone else is using plastic ones, I picture the health these small actions can bring to me, my Taster, dolphins, and sea turtles.

I was already eating mostly fresh, whole food with minimal packaging, bringing canvas bags to the grocery store, and carrying a stainless-steel water bottle. Here are the extra steps I took this year to put my New Year's resolution in action.

These simple steps helped me make real progress on my resolution. I've avoided using hundreds of plastic bags this year and dozens of plastic forks, spoons, and bottles.

Succeeding with Other Healthy Eating Resolutions

Here are two more healthy eating resolutions to inspire you for this year, with example aspirations and practical steps to help you succeed.

Eat the Optimal Amount of Protein

Nearly everyone who is not starving gets enough protein. In fact, most people get too much. Resolve to get about 9% of your calories from protein and to focus on plant-based sources.

Eat Organic Food

Plastics aren't the only toxins in our food supply. We actually spray neurotoxins on crops and breed poisons into GMO plants to streamline agriculture. Ai yi yi!

What are the Whys and Hows of Your Resolutions?

What challenges have you faced with past resolutions? Do you even make them? Please share in the comments below.

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