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SNAPcut Challenge Day 2: New Jar Cuts Waste

I learned that top chefs and many thrifty cooks use onion skins to make broth. It worked like a charm for my ColdNix Soup recipe. While on the SNAPcut Challenge, I'm reluctant to waste anything that might be tasty and nutritious.

So I added a third jar to my routine: one for scraps that are not suitable for Stoup. These scraps include:

  • Onion and garlic peels and tops (but not the roots, which cling to dirt)
  • Green bean tips
  • Carrot peels
  • Sweet potato skins
  • The tops and insides of bell peppers
  • Clean trimmings of all sorts

Make sure to rinse all scraps before adding them to your jar, either before or after cutting.

Cook for Good Tip: Pair up a broth jar and scrap jar to add flavor and reduce waste with very little extra work and no extra grocery expense. From the #SNAPcut Challenge at

How to make free broth using scraps

Today after lunch, I put two days worth of broth and scraps together in the pasta pot from lunch with enough water to make sure the scraps were covered. I brought them to a boil, then simmered them on low for about 10 minutes. They cooled slowly on the warm burner. After about two hours, I strained the broth and composted the solids.

Use free home-made broth to cook red cabbage and apples

For dinner, I simmered shredded red cabbage and an apple in a cup of broth with a half-teaspoon of cinnamon. The broth provided a complex, savory undertone that balanced the sweetness of the apple. The comforting side dish was more nutritious as a result too.

New Wildly Good Cook Habit

Pair up a broth jar and scrap jar to add flavor and reduce waste with very little extra work and no extra grocery expense.

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