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Fresh-Start Challenge, Week 2, Day 5 -- kids love spicy

kids love spicy food like potato peanut curryToday, enjoy noodles with tomato sauce that you made on Day 2, a hearty snack of hummus with vegetable sticks, and a stew with international flair for dinner, either Potato-Peanut Curry or Chickpea Stew on quinoa. These dishes are all kid-friendly, too. This two-year-old begged her mother to come back for seconds of my Potato-Peanut Curry at a farmers' market demo!

Boiling noodles at breakfast?

You can boil noodles just before you eat or even the night before if you'd rather. But if you pack lunches to take elsewhere, start the noodles when you start boiling water for tea and let the noodles cook while you have breakfast. Mix in the sauce you made on Sunday, let it heat up a little, and tuck this hot lunch into thermoses. You'll probably find that it takes less time than making four sandwiches with meat, cheese, mustard, and lettuce and wiggling them into bags.

Hummus as an afternoon snack?

It's easy to drift over to the vending machines for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. The intense flavors of super-sweet or super-salty processed foods may seem like just the jolt you need to make it through. Today, try the intense tang of hummus and the crunch of vegetable sticks instead. Refuel with real food that has flavor vibrant enough to brighten your day. No post-sugar slump, no processed-food aftertaste, no empty calories.

Plan and Menu

  • Cook whole-wheat noodles and serve with tomato sauce and nooch for lunch.
  • Cut up broccoli for lunch and dinner and celery sticks for a snack.
  • Cook double servings of quinoa for tonight and tomorrow. Serve quinoa under the Chickpea Stew that you made on Day 2.
breakfast toasted Good Whisk Bread with peanut butter, banana, tea
lunch rotini with Tomato Sauce with Robust Greens and Onions, 2 tablespoons nooch, broccoli
snack Hummus, double serving celery sticks
dinner Chickpea Stew (see picture below) on quinoa, steamed broccoli with lemon juice, orange, Bright Popcorn

chickpea stew

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