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Fresh Start Challenge, Week 1, Day 2 pasta, sauce, & green beans

On day 2 of the Fresh-Start Challenge, you are already ahead, with Vinaigrette and Sweet Sixteen bars arleady made . Cook two meal's worth of pasta, tomato sauce, and green beans and soak beans to cook tomorrow. Also start a broth jar, which will become your go-to source for free vegetable broth.

whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce with kale and onions and green beans with vinaigrette

This week, you'll be cooking part of your meals from scratch in just 20 minutes a day. Add other food: I'm not recommending having only dessert for dinner! Next week, you'll use those skills and more to cook all of your food from scratch.

Here's what to do:

  1. Make Tomato Sauce with Robust Greens and Onions to serve on organic whole-grain rotini or fusilli. Add two tablespoons of nooch (nutritional yeast) to the sauce or save the nooch to serve on top. I think it tastes a lot like Parmesan but my Taster prefers it stirred in.
  2. When the pasta, sauce, and green beans are all cooking, sort two pounds of black beans and soak them overnight in a slow cooker or pot.  Check out my video if you've never cooked dried beans before. 
  3. Swish the water you used to boil the pasta and green beans around in the pans and tomato can and then save that broth in a jar to make rice tomorrow. You've just made free vegetable broth. See how clean the pots get too!

  4. save liquid from cooking pasta or vegetables in a broth jar for free vegetable broth

  5. Dress the cooked green beans with Vinaigrette. Eat some green beans tonight.  
  6. Have Sweet-Sixteen Oatmeal Raisin Bars you made yesterday.
  7. Refrigerate the remaining food and the broth jar after dinner. Pat yourself on the back! You've already made dinner for day 4: pasta and sauce with chilled marinated green beans.   

Reader Comments (2)

I notice that today, you call for soaking 2 lbs of beans, but tomorrow (Day 3), you say to cook 2.5 lbs. The grocery lists both call for 2.5 lbs. Usually, though, I see you referring to 2 lbs of beans (in the book's "How to Cook Beans" recipe). So, I'm going to assume I should soak 2 lbs.

Dec 7, 2012 | Registered Commenteradara9

Oops. After counting the number of servings expected tomorrow, it looks like I should be soaking 2.5 lbs. Off to fix that now.

Dec 7, 2012 | Registered Commenteradara9
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