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Fresh-Start Challenge, Week 1, Day 1

Welcome to the Challenge! This week, you'll be cooking part of your meals from scratch in just 20 minutes a day. Next week, you'll use those skills and more to cook all of your food from scratch.


Day 1, Week 1.  

 bar cookies are an easy healthy vegan snack that kids will love


Every day, you'll enjoy delicious, healthy, and affordable food. How affordable? During the second week, the classic meals average just $5.33 a day per person and the plant-strong ones only $5.22, using prices gather this week here in Raleigh.  


Food prices have gone up during the two years since I gather prices for Wildly Affordable Organic. But the real, seasonal food on these menus is still a bargain compared to processed food wrapped in packaging, stored in warehouses, and transported for thousands of miles. Good food is a bargain at the market and a bargain for your health and for the planet.

Thanks for your interest in the Fresh-Start Challenge! Share your thoughts in the free Cook for Good forum. I've started a general discussion thread, but feel free to start a more specific thread (Fresh-Start for New Moms, for example).

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