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Week 2, Day 3: take it easy & enjoy what you cooked

Today, you'll cook less that you did even during the first week of twenty-minute sessions!

For breakfast, brew tea while you toast the Good Whisk Bread you baked yesterday. Top the toast with peanut butter and start your week with a delicious, filling breakfast. No more 11 a.m. droop!

For lunch, folks taking the classic challenge just mix up some Vanilla Yogurt.  Plant-strong peeps don't even do that. Everything else is ready: a slice of pizza, carrot sticks, and cantaloupe. Grab a bag of walnuts and raisins that you packed last week for a snack.

homemade pizza with bell peppers and onions topped with basil

peach cobbler For dinner, enjoy Bean and Tomato Stew with Pintos on rice that you made yesterday. Have Feel-Good Peach Cobbler for dessert.

  • Classic: Prepare double portions of Grilled Summer Squash Two Ways. Eat it hot or at room temperature today and chilled for lunch tomorrow.
  • Plant-strong:have another serving of Steamed Collards with Lime-Peanut Sauce that you made yesterday.

Bean and Tomato Stew with pinto beans on brown rice

collards with peanut-lime sauce

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