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Day 7: PB on toast, bean & tomato stew, & carrot cake!

We started the week with dessert and so we shall end it. These desserts show a key Cook for Good idea: serving small portions of healthy desserts to delight, nourish, and satisfy.

  • A cupcake can quiet that tiny voice inside that says you haven't eaten enough to stave off the wolves of winter or tomorrow the cupboard may be bare. You can relax.
  • Because you made this cupcake with carrots, ginger, and white whole wheat flour, with a light ginger glaze instead of a glop of frosting, the cupcake adds to your healthy glow.
  • Because you poured the batter into muffin tins, you have a dessert that's automatically divided into healthy portions. This is how someone who follows the entire Cook for Good plan, eating everything and nothing but the items on the four seasonal menu plans in Wildly Affordable Organic, eats just 28 pounds of sweetener a year, not the 142 pounds that the average American ate in 2003. And average sugar consumption continues to rise!

Today, you start with a favorite Cook for Good breakfast: toasted Good Whisk Bread with peanut butter. For lunch, have carrot sticks you prepared yesterday. For dinner, have the Tomato and Bean Stew with black beans and the last of the Vinaigrette, perhaps on salad mix.

Make and enjoy another favorite: Ginger-Glazed Carrot Cake Use the recipe in the ebook for Summer Challenge subscribers.

healthy, whole grain Ginger Glazed Carrot Cake Cupcake with bite taken out

Spreading cold peanut butter

If you refrigerate your peanut butter (and you should if you use a variety without preservatives), let it warm up for a few seconds before spreading. In a warm room, letting a spoonful of peanut butter rest on the hot toast while you put the peanut butter away will do the trick. In a cold room, put the PB-topped toast back in the toaster oven for a few seconds.

homemade bread toast with peanut butter for a nutritious breakfast

Making Ginger-Glazed Carrot Cake

Grate carrots by hand to get a little exercise and save electricity or use a food processor for maximum speed.

grated and chopped carrots in a food processor

If you're making the plant-strong version or if you'd like to learn to make inexpensive, cholesterol-free "eggs" from nothing but organic ground flaxseed and water, watch this video clip from a Wildly Good Cook class:

I use an old-fashioned ice-cream scoop to dip out even portions of batter. Leave room for the cup cakes to rise. You can bake the cake in a regular cake pan too, but cupcakes make it easier to control portions and to freeze some for next week.

using an ice cream scoop to make cup cake sized carrot cake portions

Want to avoid using paper cupcake holders?

Grease the muffin tin well before baking, then let the pan cool on a wire rack for about 10 minutes. Use  a plastic knife to loosen the cupcakes, then gently lift onto a wire rack to cool completely. Spread the ginger glaze on the cupcakes as soon as you take them from the pan.

Put the muffin tin under the wire rack to catch drips. Eat one serving of carrot cake tonight and freeze the rest for next week.

using a muffin tin to catch drips when making Ginger Glazed Carrot Cake cupcakes

Reader Comments (2)

I have been catching up on all the posts...this truly is a wonderful site....I was thinking Linda is the "Julia Child" of organic is a joy to learn to cook healthy and be able to go on this site and see all the recipes and videos...a gift! I have the carrot cup cakes baking in my oven now. It is a rainy day here and cool so a good day to bake. They smell so good! I cheated and added walnuts and raisns. I did not have baking soda in the I am trying to use baking powder....I hope they come far they look ok.....I want to tell all of you that are new to this site and organic healthy cooking to be patient with yourself. It takes time to get the right cooking essentials and get it down to being comfortable with a new way of cooking. And if you try the pizza crust you will not ever want to use store dough no matter where you buy it. Her pizza crust is the best!

Jul 20, 2012 | Registered Commenterfrann

Oh, Frann! You've made me so happy! Thanks! You're right about it taking awhile to get used to cooking like a Wildly Good Cook. As you say, it's so worth it. It's the difference between the drudgery and boredom in the kitchen and the fun of being a creative and skilled cook, maybe even an artist. And that pleasure is within everyone's grasp. Just give it a try step by step! ... Linda

Jul 22, 2012 | Registered CommenterLinda Watson
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