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Day 1, Week 1: Cook for Good Summer Challenge

Have you already gone shopping to be ready to make the first week's menus? Don't worry if you plant-strong shopping list week 1  and menu week 1

Let's start the Cook for Good Challenge with an immediate, delicious reward: pudding! Make Chocolate Coldocado pudding (recipe available to Summer Challenge subscribers and Cook for Good supporting members). It's terrific at room temperature or chilled. Frozen in an ice-cream maker, it’s better than any store-bought chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had and nearly as good as my former favorite (Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream from the August 1997 issue of Gourmet), which takes about 90 minutes to make plus three hours of cooling between cooking and beating the custard before you freeze it. If you plan to freeze it, do what it takes to get your ice-cream maker ready today. I freeze the cylinder overnight.
chocolate coldocado or cocoa-avocado sorbet in a food processor

chocolate coldocado with spoon in retro bowl

Make enough pudding so everyone can have one serving today and one chilled tomorrow. You're cooking once and enjoying twice!

After you're done making the Coldocado, make Vinaigrette (WOA page 201). Here's a new trick, too: dedicate a jar to your vinaigrette and mark the levels for vinegar and oil. You'll save a little extra time and clean up. Notice how adding the mustard and then shaking the jar creates a rich-looking salad dressing that separates more slowly than plain vinegar and oil.

How did your pudding turn out? How are you feeling about starting the Cook for Good Challenge? Share your experience in the comments below.

Reader Comments (2)

Hello! I bought WAO as a personal treat a few days ago, read through it in 2 days, and then discovered that I'd missed this challenge by less than 2 weeks. And as I am too impatient to wait for the next go-round with the newsletter sometime this month, I am jumping in with just the blog posts.

My pudding was good, but too sweet. However, my peaches turned out to taste unripe, even though their texture is good, so some of the extra sweetness was welcome. I think I will be reducing the sugar next time. Linda, do I need to increase the amount of some other dry ingredient to make up for the reduced sugar?

I am excited about starting the Challenge, though I'm calling it my experiment to reduce the pressure I'd feel otherwise. Shopping today took longer than usual, due to actually weighing a bunch of vegetables, plus having to track down tahini (it was next to the peanut butter) and wheat germ (by the oatmeal).

I have one recommendation for future updates of the Challenge blog posts: please include the page numbers for the recipes. I'm doing fine referring to the Starter Plan guides in the book to find my page numbers, but that's not going to work next week.

Linda, thanks so much for pulling together such a great resource! I have wanted to plan meals ahead for years now, but never really managed to pull it off, and certainly not including provisions for leftovers. Hooray!

Aug 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHeather

Heather, thanks so much for the great comments! I love your idea about adding page numbers. I've updated the page above and will update the other pages as well. Hooray indeed!

Jul 14, 2012 | Registered CommenterLinda Watson
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