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Best Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Let the turkeys and other animals be as happy as your guests by including these recipes in your Thanksgiving dinner. All these recipes are plant-powered, with no meat, fish, eggs, or dairy.

Main course

Serve delicious Chickpea Triangles in place of turkey for a vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving. Omnivores will want to have both. These savory wedges say "main-dish protein" without resorting to faux meat charades.

Stuffed kabocha or acorn squash is one of my favorite holiday main courses. A winter squash makes a lovely centerpiece, too, while waiting to be cooked. Also see my book Wildly Affordable Organic for acorn squash stuffed with black beans and Persian tomato sauce.

stuffed kabocha or winter squash with pecans, tomatoes, raisins, and rice for a healthy, quick, vegan and gluten-free meal fit for Thanksgiving

Mashed potatoes and gravy can be creamy and rich without loads of calories. Feel free to have seconds!

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Thank you for supporting the Cook for Good project

I'm deeply grateful to all of you who support my work to create and share thrifty, green ways of cooking delicious food on a budget. Your help makes this project possible. I offer most of my work at no charge to help those who are hungry and to inspire all people to eat like it matters. My husband volunteers as my Taster, proofreader, and videographer. Sometimes wonderful student interns and volunteers work with us on special projects. Together, we encourage people to become happier, healthier, and more secure by cooking and eating real food again.

farmers market produce from August

Read on to see how we do this and the progress we've made this year.

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Scary Food News Roundup

It's trick-or-treat time at the grocery store, with human DNA and pork lurking in vegetarian sausage, seaweed mimicking bacon, and the World Health Organization's report linking bacon, other processed meats, and red meat and the Grim Reaper.

Grim Reaper with bacon flag. Thanks to MrWallPaper for original image

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Arsenic in rice update: it's about chicken and pork too

Consumer Reports updated its blockbuster report on arsenic in rice recently, which is especially important if you eat a lot of rice or use other rice products such as rice cereal, rice milk, or rice flour. If you eat gluten-free baked goods, you may be eating a lot of rice flour without realizing it. Arsenic accumulates in the body, increasing risk of heart disease; diabetes; and skin, bladder, and lung cancer. It impairs cognitive development in children, leading to lower IQs.

chickens complaining about arsenic

Minimize overall arsenic intake

Because Cook for Good focuses on whole grains and minimally processed food, our menu

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Plant-Based Prevention of Disease Conference #PPOD15

I'm ready to geek out on how plants help you live longer and enjoy it more with scientists, physicians, and dietitians this weekend at the second Plant-Based Prevention of Disease Conference. You can too! Read on for two events open to the public, selected talks, and bonus information if you will be in the area.

A Heart Doctor and a Health Documentary

A top lecture and a movie are open to the public for just $5 each at NCSU's McKimmon Center in Raleigh:

  • Sept. 12th at 5pm: lecture by Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., “Nutritional Reversal of Cardiovascular Disease: Fact or Fiction?” Dr. Esselstyn is a founding father of the plant-powered nutrition movement.
  • Sun. Sept. 13th at 2:15 pm: screening of "Plant Pure Nation" followed by facilitated audience discussion.

My Hot List for Conference Talks

You can register for just one day of the conference or all three. I'm looking forward to the vegan feasts on Saturday and Sunday as well as the following talks.

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