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Fifty Weeks of Green cookbookFunny romance starts in December. Useful page-turner for the cook or romantic in your life.

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100 recipes, 4 seasonal menus, 20-minute starter plan, tips, more!

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Organic cook Linda WatsonSee my safe eating tips for power outages and winter storms.

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Organic, Sustainable, and Local Cooking for any Budget

We can become happier, healthier, and more secure by cooking and eating real food again. Join the movement to make delicious, seasonal meals from scratch. You'll reduce your grocery bills and probably your medical bills. You'll have the joy of vibrant health and the relief of being able to eat well on even a small budget. You'll make a positive difference for yourself, your family, and for your community and planet.

Aquafaba meringue 2016 with cocoa and lemon meringues - all vegan, organic, and thrifty from Cook for Good

A delicious resolution you'll love to keep: eat more plants

A plant-based menu welcomes everyone and is wildly affordable, even with organic ingredients. Enjoy the slightly sweet crunch of the Jicama Stars above, followed by the pop of flavor from a carrot-ginger puree with a fresh sprig of fennel. This gorgeous appetizer comes together in just 20 minutes. The beautiful tiny bites have no meat, dairy, eggs, or gluten so nearly everyone can enjoy them.

Southern favorites for luck and money: beans and greens

Tradition has it that eating beans and greens on New Year's Day will bring you luck and money in the coming year. Make your own luck with Sweet-and-Tart Collard Tangle, a raw collard salad sweetened with apples and raisins. Other New Year's favorites include:

Don't worry about getting enough protein. Most Americans eat too much every day. Vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds have all the protein you need.

Thankful for winter produce

seasonal produce from the farmers market is healthy and thrifty. In November, look for greens, mushrooms, kohlrabbi, daikon, and sweet potatoes

Farmers' markets aren't just for summer! In January, look for greens of all sorts, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, giant daikon radishes, and other-worldly kohlrabi. Get the most for your food dollar by eating the greens that come with your beets, turnips, and daikons. 

Buying in bulk, eating with the seasons, and cooking ahead are all key skills in the Wildly Affordable Organic kitchen.

Compare store-bought organic apple cider vinegar to homemade vinegar. The main difference is the price.

7 Top Seasonal Recipes Free on this Site

Steamed Collards with Lime and Peanut Butter Sauce


MyFifty Weeks of Green Romance and Recipes cover Favorite Seasonal Recipes in Fifty Weeks of Green

Hardy greens such as arugula, napa cabbage, and raw bok choy shine when dressed with my Smoky Tomato-Tahini Dressing. It's cool enough to bake again. Sometimes I preheat the oven by roasting Sweet Potato Fries or by making a quiche-like socca with turnip greens and onions in a chickpea-flour batter (see the Socca It To Me recipe). Then I make Orange Sweet-Potato Muffins, Chocolate Sweet-Potato Breakfast Cake, or Don't Settle Walnut-Apple Crumble. My Taster is thrilled! 

Fifty Weeks also has tips for saving money on your food budget, including:

  • How to freeze bell peppers now to use all winter.
  • How to make your own organic apple-cider vinegar from apple peels and cores

Year-Round Organic, Real-Food Recipes

Hot Italian Cocoa Cookies

Why cook the Wildly Affordable Organic way?

Go green for $5 a day or less with mostly organic or sustainably raised ingredients. Or focus on cost to save even more! Either way, you'll probably be spending less than the food-stamp allowance for someone with no other means. We can afford to eat wonderful food that is good for our bodies and for our planet. Vote with your fork for a better world. (Don't forget to vote with your vote, too!)

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